PC Crate will extend the life of your personal computer.  Dust is one of the biggest causes of dying PCs.  Moving your feet around on the floor near your computer constantly keeps dust and dirt moving around.  The fans in your PC used to circulate the air pull in the dust and dirt.  PC Crate gets your PC 5” off the ground keeping about 95% of the dirt and dust out.

PC Crate has cable channel cutouts on both sides, two channel cutouts on the back and one on the top, allowing user to route wires. Because PC Crate is 5” tall, the power strip and bundled wires go directly under the PC Crate, away from the user’s feet.

Most PC towers currently sit on the floor and are in danger of damage should the office or home experience a broken water pipe.  Placing your PC tower on a PC Crate gets it 5" off the floor, increasing the chance the PC tower will not be damaged.

PC Crate is made of very strong recycled plastic and can withstand weight in excess of 180 pounds.

PC Crate is proudly made in the United States of America.

PC Crate has a 2 year warranty.

For additional information about PC Crate please contact our Sales Department at sales@wadenterprises.com.